Head Shots and Portfolio Images For Actors, Models, Pageants and Entertainers In an instant you must convey a lasting image, one that says who you are and what you are about. Finding your unique and special look, not just a canned look, can define the direction of your career. Through the use of technical expertise and artistic ability, Steve will capture your essence in a memorable image.

Your Consultation is an important element in the success of your photo session In discussions, we will build a profile on the type of assignments or parts you are looking for, as well as your general photographic needs and goals. This allows me the ability to create a rapport with you. This enables me to better capture a more natural look, giving just enough to tell your story and peak the interest of the viewer. On occasion it may also be important for Steve to consult with your agent or manager.

As a Model, Actor, or Entertainer, your career depends on the look you project to your target audience.I take pride in the fact that I work with you to create innovative images for whatever aspect of the entertainment business you are (or want to be) in. This is accomplished through a combination of the personal and the technical attention you will receive at my studio.

In order to define Your Look, Steve consistently strive to bring out an emotional quality through the use of a variety of lighting techniques, different sets and backgrounds, expressions and use of body language. Being, or appearing, photogenic is of utmost importance. Not all images need to be, or should be, flawless. Although through the use of contemporary retouching techniques we can achieve a flawless look. We have a make-up and hair stylist available by appointment and quote. It is more important to capture a refined appearance based on the particular look you want to portray.

There are two main types of images that are created for 8x10's or Comp Cards. The first is the Head Shot. This is generally a more close up image covering just the head and shoulders, give or take, depending on the look and subject. It is said “The eyes are the window to the soul” and the eyes are the vital element of any headshot. The second type of image is the Illustrative Style, more commonly referred to as ¾ or full length image. Through the use of light, shadow, posing, props and background choices he can create a more 3 dimensional look. As in the Head Shot, it is important to have expressive eyes. The nobody home look does not work. We want your images to come alive with energy and expression!

His Studio features a 2800 square foot studio facility with 2 make-up and changing rooms private consultation and consultation room, Kitchenette as a 3 1/2 acre outdoor portrait park. Steve am close to Urban locations, lake, waterfall and oceanic views, only minutes away, for a more editorial or illustrative look. He accepts location assignments and set up several shoots a year at various locations throughout the country on both coasts. E-mail me to be on my client location list. He will let you know in advance of upcoming dates and locations.

All images can be either Black & White or Color. Digital capture allows for immediate viewing minutes after a session when needed. We offer an abundance of creative techniques as well as fine art techniques to make your images as traditional or contemporary as you would like. We will create images that define who you are... all while maintaining the highest degree of technical and artistic excellence.

We discuss the level of enhancements that you or your manager/agent require. Our retouching style is realistic and accurate.

We can, if needed, take your images through the production process from conception through a variety of finished image presentations ranging from individual custom prints through quantity 8x10's and Comp Cards.

There is an old saying, “You only get one chance to make a first impression” Why trust your career to inexperience?

Let me create a look that will show you off to your viewing audience in the best light possible. Steve portrays images that are warm and approachable, The Art and Soul of Photography.

Each person has unique needs and budgets. That is why he will work with you to customize a coverage that specifically works for you.

Pricing begins under $500 including digital files.

Please contact the studio for a consultation to design a session and determine the best way to capture the images to show you at your very best!