Senior Photos

For Years You've been Photographed as a Child... But That's Not What You Are Anymore! Do you want your picture taken the same way you did in elementary school OR do you want portraits that are exciting, fun, and most of all YOU!!! Whether it's classical or outdoor portraits, or a digital composite you're looking for, Steve can create them for you!

Why settle for the same old stuff when you can have the style and creativity of S.M.Cooper Photography?

Why go to separate locations on separate days, when you can get it all here, NOW!!!!!

So You Want Something Different?
We have a state of the art indoor studio and the most comprehensive 3 acre wooded portrait park in the state. You can choose from the most creative sets available anywhere!

How about a rustic wooden bridge, barn scene, fences, corral, 1960 Jeep willy pickup truck, pond, stone walls, rock formations, trees, wooded paths, 6 x 10 foot American Flag, imported castle wall, nostalgic Coca Cola set, our infinity stair set and much, much more!

You Can Bring Your Stuff Too!
You can personalize your portraits by bringing your favorite outfits (jackets, tux, gowns, shorts, hats,sunglasses, swimsuit, etc.) How about a sport? You can bring in your uniforms (baseball, football, soccer, cheerleading, hockey, lacrosse...) or equipment (skis, boogie board, surf board, scuba, etc). Maybe you play an instrument? Bring in a pet (we've done them all sizes from ferrets to horses). Have your photo taken with your best friend(s), boyfriend, girlfriend, brother or sister. You can bring in your car motorcycle or anything special to you!


Internationally Recognized Award-Winning Style

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Digital Retouching available for Acne or to Remove Braces


And most of all...FUN! WHY GO ANYWHERE ELSE?