Portrait Photography








"A picture is a Poem without words"

Since the beginning of recorded time as we know it, man has always found a way to capture ones being artistically. From Cave Paintings to Egyptian Crypts, The Dutch Masters to Modern Day Photographic Portraiture, creative portraiture needs to stand the test of time.

Fine Portraiture is an important investment which should be enjoyed artistically and displayed proudly. These priceless images must last for generations to be shared and enjoyed by you,and an important family keepsake for future generations.

With this in mind, Steve strives to create Timeless Portraiture with artistic integrity. Whether a family, child or family pet, he feels that it is important to capture the true personality of the individual and the relationships among the family members.

This can be done in the studio, in our 3 1/2 acre portrait park or at your own chosen location. He has been commissioned to create portraits from NY to CA as well as assignments in Scotland, Hawaii and St. Marteen. My imagination, creativity and consultation set the stage for the design of your special images.

Your Family Portrait will capture a slice of time. Steve will create images that will reflect the true essence of your family. This can be something as simple as a Hi-Key Portrait on a pure white background showcasing a new family member, as casual as a walk in the woods, or as formal as an in home session. Our portrait Park features landscape Rock formations, wooded paths, a pond, barn and stable, romantic swing and much more.

...And don't forget, Pets are people too! Your dog, cat, horse, bunny, etc.are important members of your Family. Why not include them in your family portrait or an individual study showing their personality.

Capturing Life's special moments is one of the true joys of being a Portrait Artist. And what better subject than a child...Wild-eyed innocence, an inquisitive look, a mischievous glance, the heartwarming smile or that subtle but pensive expression, we see them all during the growth of our children. Where else can we find complete truth other than from our children? There is certain beauty in truth. Whether you are looking for a Storytelling Portrait like Norman Rockwell, A classic Portrait like Sergeant or one of the Dutch Masters, or a Natural Environmental Portrait Study like Andrew Wyeth, I will create a piece of Personal Art you will be proud to display in your home and office.
How quickly they change,Here Today, Grown Tomorrow.

Let me create a Portrait Study of your child that will reflect the warmth, tenderness, and frivolity that will Remain forever, a Treasure to the Future.

You can probably think of a hundred excuses to put off having your family portrait created. And if you wait long enough, the kids will be grown, and leading their own lives. You cannot go back in time to recapture what was. Many discerning families choose Steve to preserve their Family memories as a tasteful reflection of their lifestyle in a warm and creative manner. Can you think of a better tribute to the ones you love?

Our portrait studies are offered in a variety of print finishes. The Master our finest presentation, resembles the depth and beauty of a fine painting. It is delicately retouched,mounted to the finest stretcher canvas, surface textured and lacquered to perfection.
The Gallery is similar in all ways to the Master except the final image is mounted on photographic matte board.

The Artist Edition Portrait is one of the most unique and beautiful Photographic styles available. By combining classic photographic techniques with modern Giclee printing techniques, I will create an original Watercolor Print on Archival Paper that has all the beauty of a traditional hand painted watercolor painting.

No matter what type of portrait is right for you, I will create a Timeless family treasure that will become a decorative focal point in your home or office.